Get historical exchange rates for a given time period, where available, using the time series / bulk download API endpoint. Please read all the details before integrating.

Time Series requests are currently available for clients on the Enterprise and Unlimited plans.



The maximum query period currently allowed is one month. If you need more than one month’s data, please request months sequentially (details below).

With a full list of currencies for each requested day, Time-Series API responses can be very large in size. For better performance, use the symbols parameter to cut down response weight.

The Time Series response format is different from the standard API response as in latest.json. Please familiarise yourself with the standard API response format before using this endpoint.

The start_date is the first day of the time series, and the end_date is the final day (both inclusive).

The base property provides the 3-letter currency code to which all the delivered exchange rates are relative. This base currency is also given in the rates object by default (e.g. "USD": 1).

The rates property is an object of dates, each an object containing the conversion or exchange rates for the specified date, labeled by their international-standard 3-letter currency codes. All the values are relative to 1 unit of the requested base currency.

There is no timestamp property in this response.

Important notes about Time-Series queries

  1. Please note that each day requested counts as one API request (so requesting a full month of data will count as up to 31 ‘hits’).
  2. Where the requested end date is not a valid calendar date, it will be corrected backwards automatically to the nearest valid day. For example, 2012-02-31 will be corrected to 2012-02-29.
  3. To request multiple months sequentially, you can simply request the 1st to the 31st of each month, regardless of month length.


Please see API Error Messages for a list of possible errors not specified above.

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